I`m pleased to announce my newest solo exhibition "HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING".

March 19th - April 23rd at Galerie Martin Mertens in Berlin. 
Opening: Saturday March 19th, 6 - 9 p.m.

Linienstraße 148 * 10115 Berlin

"To draw" is at once to give birth to form - to give birth in letting it be born," the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy wrote in his essay The Pleasure of Drawing. When Bettina Krieg draws, she does so equally intuitively. She allows her lines to grow step by step, without focusing on the result. The line becomes a trace of her concentration and openness in the making. The artist never corrects her hand drawn lines, but leaves them as they were first inscribed. In this way the drawing unfolds - it comes into being. Bettina Krieg`s works bear witness to an inexhaustible curiosity and a great devotion to the act of drawing, as well as to the power of the human imagination.

Lisa Sintermann